// Drums and BV's

Mikey had been drumming originals for years before switching to covers. Mikey has a dynamic drumming technique and is quite the comedian on stage. He has strong lead and backing vocals and is our resident rapper. (M & M eat ya heart out!)

He is also our soundman - and who said men can't multitask!


// Bass and BV's

TC's our hot rocking bass player as well as our energizer bunny. She started out as a guitarist then moved on to bass and performed with top established South Auckland covers band Overdrive' for over 10 years and several other covers bands before joining us. TC sings a song or two when we let her.


// Lead Vocals

Originally from England, Sarah started singing in primary school. She started writing originals in 2005 and released an album in 2006 and is due to release another single shortly. In 2008 Sarah performed as Madonna on 'Stars in their Eyes.

Sarah's been performing in covers bands for the last 10 years - she rocks!


// Guitar and BV's

Benny is our newest member to the group but no stranger to the music world. He's been playing guitar since he was a wee lad and has spent the last 10 years in a resident band performing on the Royal Caribbean Cruise liner. He decided to jump ship and come to NZ.

We call him 'Benny da Bomb'.


//Keys and BV's

Joolz started as a drummer and played in covers band Contagious for many years then hung up her drumming sticks and picked up the bass.

She played Bass in a 70's glam rock band and other covers bands. Joolz then moved on to keyboards and has taken to them like a fish to water - and she's a Pisces!

Management & Bookings


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